We Build Your Website’s Traffic & Brand Equity through SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is a technical and researched-based process of building your authority online.

Our SEO Service includes the three essential building blocks of a successfully executed SEO strategy:

  • ✓ On-page SEO Optimization & Technical SEO
  • ✓ Content Creation and Promotion
  • ✓ Citation and Link Building

First, because our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service will overlap with so many other marketing channels, we need to understand everything that you and your site is doing, as well as everything your competitors’ are doing in order to create a successful and actionable SEO strategy (on-page, content, backlinks, lead generation campaigns, PPC, social media marketing, etc).

That is why we start by assessing the current overall SEO health and technical SEO structure of your website, next a page-by-page decomposition for improvement, followed by an exhaustive review of the competitive landscape for your business niche. THEN we begin the process of building your brand authority through website on-page SEO optimization, targeted content creation and promotion, and strategic citation and link building.

In summary: What is SEO – It’s a process, a process we know very well. So, let’s get started.

Website Health Check

Google wants to rank websites that are built according to their Webmaster guidelines and send traffic to websites they deem as “high quality”. We start with a health check of your current website. Using a number of search engine analytic tools we gain insight into your website’s performance in the search engine ecosystem – from the perspective of the search engines. While this may seem like overkill, we do all of this in the 1st week of your campaign.

  • ✓ Full Performance Snapshot
  • ✓ Organic & Paid Search
  • ✓ Referral Traffic
  • ✓ Social Media Impact
  • ✓ Demographics, Geography, Device Type, etc. of visitors

Website Quality Audit (WQA)

Next, using a custom tool that pulls from 6 data sources, we do a deep dive, full crawl of every page of your website – gathering Keywords and multiple performance data points. Then crosswalk each page with critical SEO data sets to analyze the performance of each page in regards to SEO quality. This helps us make decisions on what direction to take and what to do with each and every page.

  • ✓ Keyword ranking / gaps
  • ✓ Traffic / impressions
  • ✓ CRT, conversions / revenue
  • ✓ Backlink data
  • ✓ Page-by-page action items

Competitive Analysis

Next, it’s critically important to understand the competitive landscape.

Understanding how your competitors are having success helps us to refine our strategy on what the search engine algorithms are ranking for your industry at the keyword level!

We do a deep crawl of your competitors online presence to gain insight on:

  • ✓ Targeted Keywords and search volume
  • ✓ Keyword and Search volume ‘Gaps’
  • ✓ Types and quality of citations and backlinks
  • ✓ Traffic sources and internal site traffic patterns

Keyword and Internal Linking Strategy

Keywords are the cornerstone of an SEO campaign. They are integral to understanding customer intent, then creating the customer journey and internal linking for your website, SEO Optimization of each page as well as develop your content and link building strategies – directing your potential customers to your site, then down your funnel.

  • ✓ Boost website visitor engagement
  • ✓ Enhance current existing On-Page Content
  • ✓ Improve Internal Website Linking
  • ✓ Optimize Title & Meta Tags, Structured data & Schema markup

Content Audit & Strategy

Then we conduct a thorough SWOT analysis of your content as it compares to the content in your competitive space – giving us an understanding how to drive relevancy and trust in your industry. The outcome of this research creates an action plan for our content creation and promotion.

  • ✓ Content sources
  • ✓ Content ranking factors
  • ✓ Content Marketing tactics
  • ✓ Social engagement characteristics
  • ✓ Content creation and promotional strategy

Citation and Link Building Strategy

Google essentially counts citations and “links” as a vote of popularity for your website – they are known to be a top ranking factor with search engines. Our white-hat link and citation building strategy will create natural ‘contextual’ links and citations. We manually prospect websites that are relevant, authoritative and high quality.

  • ✓ Guest posting
  • ✓ Blogger outreach
  • ✓ Manual link placements / content promotion

SEO Reporting Dashboard

As you can tell from the spreadsheet screenshots above, we are process nerds – and we plan, document and report on each and every step of the SEO optimization analysis and improvement process. Starting with a detailed and documented project plan and delivery schedule that you approve – we continually report on our progress and results against the plan. Because we have a documented plan, if we need to pivot, we can do so smoothly and quickly.

  • ✓ Documented SEO process
  • ✓ Transparent delivery schedule
  • ✓ Continuous reporting of results

Sample SEO Campaign Project Manager Deliverables

☏ Client Onboarding Questions

☞ Client Presentation / Kickoff Meeting

✎ Kickoff Data Analysis

  • ✓ Google Analytics audit
  • ✓ Google Search Console audit
  • ✓ Google Tag Manager audit 
  • ✓ Google My Business audit
  • ✓ Bing Places for Business audit

☞ Client Presentation / DataStudio – SEO Data Analysis✎ Competitive Landscape Analysis

✎ Top Competitors Business Strategy SWOT

✎ Top Competitors Online Analysis

✎ Competitors Lead Generation Strategy

✎ Competitors eCommerce Strategy Audit

✎ Competitors Content Performance Audit

✎ Competitor Keyword Audit

  • ✓ Main Keywords
  • ✓ Volume
  • ✓ Ranking
  • ✓ Secondary & LogTail Keywords

✎ Competitors SEO Page Performance Audit

  • ✓ Impressions
  • ✓ Sessions
  • ✓ Conversion Rate

✎ Competitors Backlink & Referral Performance Audit

✎ Competitors Social Media Marketing Strategy Performance Audit

☞ Client Presentation / Competitive Audit AnalysisWebsite Quality Audit (WQA)

✎ Site Architecture

  • ✓ Page speed analysis
  • ✓ Final URL
  • ✓ Page Path
  • ✓ Category Page
  • ✓ Depth

✎ Sitemap Status

  • ✓ Sitemap analysis

✎ Keyword Performance – Per Page

  • ✓ Main KW
  • ✓ Volume
  • ✓ Ranking
  • ✓ “Best” KW
  • ✓ Volume
  • ✓ Ranking

✎ Page Performance – Per Page

  • ✓ Impressions
  • ✓ Sessions
  • ✓ Sales
  • ✓ $ Conversion Rate
  • ✓ Goal Conversion Rate
  • ✓ % Change Sessions
  • ✓ Bounce rate
  • ✓ Avg. time on page
  • ✓ Losing Traffic?
  • ✓ Links
  • ✓ SERP CTR

✎ On Page – Per Page

  • ✓ Customer Journey Type
  • ✓ Current Title
  • ✓ Meta
  • ✓ H1 – H6
  • ✓ Word Count
  • ✓ Canonical Link Element
  • ✓ Status Code
  • ✓ Index / Noindex
  • ✓ Last Modified

✎ Internal Navigation- Per Page

  • ✓ Inlinks analysis
  • ✓ Outlinks analysis

☞ Client Presentation / WQATechnical SEO Audit & Strategy

✎ Keyword Research

✎ SEO Target Pages identified

  • ✓ SEO Target Pages     (Sections = 10-20 grouped pages)

☞ Client Presentation / Technical SEO Audit & Strategy

✎ On-Page Audit – Per-Page

  • ✓ Page Keywords
  • ✓ Page KW density, TF*IDF audit
  • ✓ Page Schema audit
  • ✎ Page Titles improvements
  • ✎ Page Meta Data improvements
  • ✎ Page H1-H6 improvements
  • ✎ Page KW density, TF*IDF improvements
  • ✎ Page Schema Improvements

☞ Client Presentation / Monthly SEO Report AnalysisExisting Content Audit & Strategy

✎ Content Pillar/Cluster Strategy

✎ Internal Linking Strategy

✎ URL Actions

☞ Client Presentation / Content Architecture Audit & Strategy

✎ Keyword Gap Analysis

  • ✎ On-Page Improvements       (Sections = 10-20 grouped pages)
  • ✎ Internal Link Improvements 
  • ✎ URL Actions/Redirects

☞ Client Presentation / On-Page Keyword & Linking ImprovementsNew Content Strategy

  • ✎ Content Pillars/Content Cluster Strategy
  • ✎ Content Topic ideation (text)
  • ✎ Content Topic ideation (video)

☏ Client Presentation / Review/Approve New Content Strategy

  • ✎ Content Outline H1, H2, H3
  • ✎ Content Writers
  • ✎ Content Creation

☏ Client Presentation / Review/Approve New Content

  • ✎ New Content Live
  • ✎ Content Promotion

☞ Client Presentation / Monthly reportLink Building Management & Strategy

✎ Internal Link Reclamation

✎ Optimize “top 5” Citation Pages

  • ✓ Citations audit
  • ✎ Citations cleanup
  • ✎ Page Improvements

✎ Link Building Strategy

  • ✎ Identify Backlink & Citation Building Opportunities

☏ Client Presentation / Review/Approve Link Building Strategy

✎ Link Building Outreach

  • ✎ Identify Outreach Targets
  • ✎ PR Outreach
  • ✎ Email Outreach
  • ✎ Phone Outreach

✎ Backlink and Citations Building

  • ✎ Manual Link Placement
  • ✎ Review Outreach
  • ✎ PR Placement
  • ✎ Guest Blogging

☞ Client Presentation / Monthly report

Bottom Line

There is no SEO silver-bullet

SEO is a process that takes the right tools and the knowledge of how to use the tools to be successful. It takes empirical knowledge, the knowledge of the digital marketing and knowledge of SEO, that you only get by living it everyday.

We build increasing website traffic

Random acts of marketing will return disappointing results. Increasing and converting targeted website traffic through SEO takes a consistent effort over time, and the results tend to come in waves. Though equally as difficult, obviously a 10 page website takes less time to review, research and optimize than a 10,000 page site. We do our best to identify and optimize your site for low competition keywords early, so you can see result – bottom-line results – as early as within a few months.

If you are interested

If you want more traffic to your website and want to bring your Brand to the next level, please reach out and let me know how we can help you (using the form below).