YouTube Statistics and Facts to Blow Your Mind

YouTube Statistics and Facts to Blow Your Mind
Jay Gross

youtube statistics and fun facts, history and the future

If you’re looking for cute puppy photos, Monday motivation, or information about the best restaurants in your city, then you’re probably in the wrong place.

But, if you’re looking for some mind-blowing YouTube statistics, facts, history, and what the future could hold, then you’ve come to the right place.

And let’s be honest, that’s why you’re here, right? Why else would you be hanging out at Digital Marketing Tools?

If you’re looking for reasons to get into the YouTube game yourself, maybe you have a small business, side-hustle, or have some pull in your company, then look no further than this article.

For your benefit, we’ve tried to condense this article and make it just a little fun too because…statistics.

So read on for some of the best information we could dig up on your good friend, YouTube.

A Brief YouTube History Lesson

Lets go back in time for a brief history lesson on YouTube

Hey, fellow YouTube marketers (or soon to be YouTube marketers) – before we get into the nitty-gritty of these YouTube stats, we want to take you on a brief but essential journey through its history.

Because if you want to know everything from soup-to-nuts, you’ve got to start at the beginning.

So here we go. 

You can thank Janet Jackson and her 2004 Super Bowl incident for the birth of YouTube, well, that and the devastating December tsunami of 2004.

These incidents prompted PayPal employees Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley to realize that there wasn’t a single online location for shared videos. Sparked by this, they did some brainstorming, and in 2005, YouTube was born.

With fast-paced growth, Google swept in and acquired the company less than a year later for $1.65 billion.

In June 2007, YouTube finally started on its path to global domination – it released to the U.K. (amongst other countries.)

H.D. Videos were introduced in 2008.

And 2009 was a big year for YouTube; vlogging channels and gaming videos popped up, they created the first partnership with a television channel (Channel 4), which meant they had ‘catch-up T.V.’ for the first time ever. Oh, and they reached one billion viewed videos a day

YouTube still continues to grow, now being a serious place for creators of all genres. A place for vloggers, gamers, podcasters, and influencers to make a living just creating videos.

And a place for marketers to strategically grow their businesses using the world’s most consumed medium – video.

Because I know that’s not nearly enough, here are some rapid-fire history stats for everyone:

  • In 2007 (2 years after it’s launch), in San Bruno, California, it’s estimated that YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire internet in 2000. That’s some significant growth.
  • In May 2010, we saw more crazy YouTube growth. According to comScore, in May, there were 14 billion videos viewed, and with a market share of 43%, YouTube became the primary provider of online video in the U.S.
  • The first-ever uploaded video? Founder Jawed Karim uploaded ‘Me at the Zoo.’
  • The first video to one million views? A Nike commercial (who else?).
  • The first video to hit one billion views? I know you know it…Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style.
  • In 2012, roughly 60 hours of new videos were uploaded every minute, according to YouTube.
  • Also, in 2012, the U.S. Presidential debate was live-streamed on YouTube for the first time.

Fun YouTube Stats Intermission 1

having fun with fun youtube stats

Photo by Elsa Nogueira on Scopio

‘Baby Shark Dance’ is now the most-viewed video in YouTube History – do-do-do-do.

Sorry, readers, that I just got that song stuck in your head.

Fun fact – I heard that song back in 2018, and it was stuck in my head until 2019.

YouTube User Statistics

73% of U.S. adults say they use YouTube, and they use it for everything:

  • The only social media platform close to YouTube is Facebook, with 69% (followed by Instagram at 37%).
  • 28% of adults get their news there.
  • About half of the U.S. adults use it to learn new skills.
  • It’s also trendy for children, with 81% of parents with children 11 or younger let their children watch videos on YouTube. While 34% let their children do it regularly.
  • 68% of YouTube users use it for merely passing the time.
  • 54% say it’s crucial in helping them make purchasing decisions.
  • About 18% of YouTube content posted by popular YouTube channels in the first week of 2019 were videos about…video games.

What about worldwide YouTube user stats?

  • About 15% of YouTube’s visitors come from the U.S. – the next closest: India at 8.1% and Japan at 4.6% (it’s second and third largest markets).
  • Speaking of India, YouTube content has a strong foothold with 93% staying glued to YouTube, while just 3% watch Netflix.
  • YouTube users span 91 different countries, and YouTube content works in over 80 different languages, so it’s no surprise that only 33% of the popular content uploaded in the first week of 2019 was in English.
  • Worldwide, as of May 2019, over two billion people logged in to YouTube every month, watching more than one billion hours of video every day.

It’s safe to say its reach is worldwide.

Fun YouTube Stats Intermission 2

Here’s a doozy for you: Do you know the YouTube channel with the most views of all time?

It’s Ryan ToysReview. A kidfluencer who films himself unboxing packages of newly purchased toys for kids.

Man, why didn’t I think of that, right???

YouTube Content and Usage Stats

As YouTube grew, so did our appetite for videos – the number of content uploaded every 60 seconds increased by 40% from 2014 to 2019.

Which isn’t a surprise with all the creators, marketers, brands, and influencers out there, it’s become a very competitive place – with over 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube…

Every. Single. Minute.

Some YouTube content quick-hitters:

  • Over 70% of YouTube views are on mobile.
  • The watch-time on T.V. screens has gained traction, too, increasing by 39% in less than a year (as of March 2019). And we’re not talking YouTube T.V., either.
  • Each visitor spends an average of 11m, 24s per day on YouTube.
  • Have you ever went down the YouTube rabbit hole? Odds are you have been, with a somewhat astonishing number of people – 70% to be exact – saying what they watch is determined by its recommendation algorithm.

Fun YouTube Stat Intermission 3

having more fun with youtube stats

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform, the second largest search engine, and the second most visited site.

One more for good measure: The video with the current highest number of views is a music video for ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee with over 6.6 billion views.

YouTube Marketer & Business Stats

We can’t be called Digital Marketing Tools and not hit on YouTube marketing and business stats.

If you read our YouTube article, then you know that you should find a way to market on YouTube (organic or paid).

And here are some stats to back that up:

  • The second most preferred platform for watching video on T.V. screens? YouTube. Why is that important? That means YouTube is the MOST watched platform for watching video on T.V. screens…that has ads.
  • YouTube actually beats traditional T.V. – broadcast and cable.
  • In the U.S., YouTube predicts it will make 5.5 billion dollars in ad revenue in 2020.
  • Recall a stat from above: 54% of consumers use YouTube to help them make purchasing decisions, while 90% of shoppers have discovered a brand or product through YouTube.
  • While 48% of marketers invest in it (third, when it comes to paid social), almost 80% say it’s the most effective video marketing platform (somewhat unsurprisingly).
  • 70% of short ads on YouTube increase brand awareness, while 90% of YouTube ads help with brand recall.
  • YouTube is the fourth most social media platform for organic content marketing (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook), and the fifth most used for paid social marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Just 9% of U.S. small businesses use YouTube.

Future of YouTube

YouTube is simply the most popular online platform in America, and it’s leaning that way in many other countries too.

And as crazy as it is, it’s showing no signs of slowing.

While Netflix had a 31% share of all connected-TV viewing in Q4 of 2019, YouTube closed the gap with 21% (followed by Hulu at 12% and Amazon Prime at 8%).

YouTube has also been getting into the game streaming service to compete with Amazon’s Twitch by signing big deals with creators and actively taking viewers as they follow the creators to their new platform.

Here are some more YouTube stats about the future of the platform:

  • YouTube will continue to build more original programming to compete with Netflix.
  • Since mobile views now exceed desktop views, YouTube is now a mobile-first experience; YouTube has pushed significant user interface designs for mobile and will continue to do so.
  • While many viewers watch YouTube on a T.V. screen, they’re not watching YouTube T.V. Watch for them to continue to overhaul that to create a better user experience, so more people tune in on their T.V. app.
  • YouTube will likely continue to work on bettering their relationship with creators, who feel the brand takes too big of a cut of the profit. They also think the algorithm changes can have a severe negative impact on the popularity of a channel.
  • Content creation, ad spend, influencers, and brand focus all have their arrows pointing up for the foreseeable future.

In a nutshell, YouTube continues to grow in almost every category, and it continues to be an excellent avenue for organic content and paid content.

What’s Your Takeaway from These YouTube Statistics?

dog raising his hand to answer my question about youtube statistics

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

One thing that continues to come to mind as I’m writing this article is this:

YouTube is a giant. Not just in the U.S., but globally.

Not just as a social media platform, but also as a search engine and as a 

T.V. service.

Not just on the T.V. or home computer, but it’s a mobile monster too.

It’s fair to say, my friends, that YouTube is taking over the world.

So it’s high time you looked into getting on the platform for any marketing you have to do.

And who knows what they’ll get into next? Movie theaters? The restaurant business?

As far as I’m concerned, anything’s possible.

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